Physician Administrative Services is a Dallas based ten year old company dedicated to the support of physician owned or hospital owned physician practices. Physician Administrative Services is a privately owned company. Barbara Fischer, President and CEO holds an MBA and is a CHCA.

The fifteen to twenty staff at Physician Administrative Services are seasoned employees who have an expertise in billing and collections of physician claims. The majority of the staff at PAS have worked for Physician Administrative Services for greater than five years. As new accounts come on line, additional staff are added to provide an optimal position for the account manager to do their very best for the client.

Physician Administrative Services has a full time coding manager and a full time billing manager who oversee the staff and work with the physicians. The coding and billing managers have been with PAS for almost ten years, hold numerous certifications and work directly with the physician clients on an ongoing weekly basis. The physicians rely on the expertise of the staff to help them with coding questions and to stay in compliance with the many government regulations associated with claims submission.

Physician Administrative Services maintains a voluntary fraud and abuse compliance program to ensure that the billing and coding process is done with integrity and according to the guidelines set by the federal programs.

Physician Administrative Services is a midsized company with over $75,000,000.00 in charges submitted annually for multiple subspecialties to include: Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Family Practice and Internal Medicine.

Physician Administrative Services maintains a proactive approach to education of the physician in areas of compliance with correct coding initiative (CCI) and with guidelines for accuracy of the use of evaluation and management coding. Three of the staff hold certifications as certified health care auditors. The billing and coding managers attend numerous national meetings including coding conferences held by AANS, AAOS and NASS. The President of the company is a board member of the national organization, "Association of Health Care Auditors and Educators".

Physician Administrative Services offers a broad range of services including: revenue cycle management, full services billing and collections, coding and charge entry oversight, and education of the physician.

Barbara Fischer, President and CEO

Barbara Fischer, President and CEOPhysician health care providers and hospitals consistently seek out Barbara's expertise when faced with the many economic challenges facing their organization. Barbara has over 20 years experience in health care. She has a broad knowledge of all aspects of physician practice management and her experience is sought out to help address and resolve operational issues facing both the small and the large group practice. Barbara is called upon frequently to help practices deal with partnership issues, cash flow management, out of control accounts receivable, revenue cycle management, staff models and restructuring and rebuilding practices. Her health care background as well as holding an MBA offers a level of experience, which can help practices that are in trouble or practices that want to grow and develop their business model.

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What People Say About Us!

My practice has been a client of Physician Administrative Services since 2003. The quality of their work for our practice has been excellent, and I have no reservations highly recommending their services. The leadership of the company under Barbara Fischer is excellent. The coders who work with our practice have been highly trained, professional, and very skilled in performing their work. The coders meet with individual physicians on a weekly basis, which helps assure appropriate charges for each patient and helps educate us as to correct coding guidelines. This also makes sure that the operative notes and the charges match. This helps give each physician security in knowing there is no oversight of this entire process.
As a result, our collections since using Physician Administrative Services has markedly improved. I believe this increase is due to diligent management of the filing of individual claims and dedicated account managers who oversee the collections. They have also worked closely with our office personnel focusing on insurance verification and co-pay collection.
Finally, Physician Administrative Services has helped in consulting management services for our company, including human resource management, hiring and training of staff, onsite supervision, and improving our interface with the management team of the hospital. To summarize, they have earned our trust and I have no problems highly recommending Physician Administrative Services to other practices.
If you should have any questions or if I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call."

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  • Serves as CFO for multiple practices with complete responsibility for financial management
  • Evaluates practices in need of growth and development and proactively sets strategies for change
  • Responsible for multiple start up ventures which have led to successful business models
  • Performs strategic planning meetings with physician practices
  • Holds the credentials of  CHCA and performs practice reviews
  • Recruits physicians for practices and actively negotiates employment packages
  • Actively oversees revenue cycle management of large and small group practices
  • Provides direct management and oversight of all billing and collections functions