Neurosurgeon - Dallas, TX

"My practice has been a client of Physician Administrative Services since 2003. The quality of their work for our practice has been excellent, and I have no reservations highly recommending their services. The leadership of the company under Barbara Fischer is excellent. The coders who work with our practice have been highly trained, professional, and very skilled in performing their work. The coders meet with individual physicians on a weekly basis, which helps assure appropriate charges for each patient and helps educate us as to correct coding guidelines. This also makes sure that the operative notes and the charges match. This helps give each physician security in knowing there is no oversight of this entire process.

As a result, our collections since using Physician Administrative Services has markedly improved. I believe this increase is due to diligent management of the filing of individual claims and dedicated account managers who oversee the collections. They have also worked closely with our office personnel focusing on insurance verification and co-pay collection.

Finally, Physician Administrative Services has helped in consulting management services for our company, including human resource management, hiring and training of staff, onsite supervision, and improving our interface with the management team of the hospital. To summarize, they have earned our trust and I have no problems highly recommending Physician Administrative Services to other practices.

If you should have any questions or if I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call."

Neurosurgeon - Dallas, TX

"Physician Administrative Services has handled my billing and collections for my practice since 2004. At the beginning of this relationship, the PAS staff took over my practice and provided leadership and management. The practice was facing significant challenges with partnership issues and recruitment, employee performance issues, cash flow and claims submission. These problems caused claims to be rejected, missed filing deadlines and disruption in the revenue cycle management. The PAS staff helped recruit staff and solve the many practice challenges that were holding back the practice.

Throughout the past seven years, I have experienced growth in my practice and a high level of collections. I attribute this to the dedication of the Physician Administrative Services staff.

The coding manager meets with me on a weekly basis to address my surgery charges and answers any questions I have regarding procedural coding. Many times she researches my questions and gets back with me in a timely manner. The coding manager attends numerous coding seminars on orthopedic and neurosurgery coding issues. In the past three years she has attended the major coding seminars presented by the AANS and the AAOS.

The billing manager frequently helps me with practice management issues such as recruitment of staff, determination of employee roles, managed care contracting issues and training of my office manager.She oversees the electronic claims submission of all of my claims and works with my account manager to meet the goals set for my account.

The owner of the company is accessible at all times and provides me with guidance and direction on practice management issues. She monitors the overall performance of my practice and works with me to improve the office functions and provides comprehensive revenue cycle management .

Physician Administrative Services has consistently provided a high degree of support and expertise in practice management and billing and collections. I highly recommend their services to any practice.

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding this letter of recommendation."

Dermatologist - Dallas, TX

"I am writing this letter in reference to Physician Administrative Services (PAS). I hired Barbara Fischer, contracting with PAS about three years ago to assist with me with continuing to grow my practice in a strategic and methodical manner. Over the course of the last three years, she has managed to effectively realign priorities related to every aspect of my practice. We have accomplished numerous major endeavors during that time frame including changing to a new practice management system, researching and adopting a new EMR system, hiring three physicians, and we are currently working on floor plans to double our space. She has helped our practice gain the infrastructure and support during this tremendous growth spurt. Furthermore, she has significantly increased our collections and continues to monitor the practice's processes, always looking for ways to make improvements that ultimately result in greater collection rates.

PAS performs numerous practice management functions for my practice that not only includes billing and collections, but also bookkeeping, payroll, A/R and practice administration. There isn't an aspect that she isn't willing to tackle. Her team is readily accessible, knowledgeable and very professional. PAS, though an outsourced practice administrative services organization, is recognized and respected by all of my staff and physicians and truly function s as an invaluable extension of my practice.

On a personal note, Barbara is always readily available and personally committed to whatever she commits herself to. She is loyal, honest, and I trust that whatever she sets to accomplish will get taken care of with the utmost respect and professionalism. I know that in addition to taking care of all aspects of the practice, she also has my personal interest at heart. She has a tremendous work ethic and has saved me hours of work and count less headaches. I could not run my business without her.

It is therefore without reservation that I highly recommend PAS to any practice who i s seeking a professional medical partnership to guide them in meeting their business goals and objectives."

Internist - Dallas, TX

"I am writing this letter to any and all Prospective Clients of Physician Administrative Services. I hired Barbara Fischer, President and CEO of Physician Administrative Services in the Summer of 2012. I spent the better portion of a year researching and interviewing multiple practice management consulting firms to assist me in starting my own internal medicine solo practice. Multiple physicians, as well as hospital and office staff, recommended I contact Mrs. Fischer. Physician Administrative Services was the last firm I interviewed, and I wish it had been my first. Mrs. Fischer was knowledgeable and professional. What truly set her apart from other practices was her honesty. I felt other practice management companies promised me salaries I knew not to be compatible with my specialty, all with less patient volume than I was currently seeing in my group practice. Mrs. Fischer was supportive and encouraging of my business plan, but realistic.

In addition to her honesty, Mrs. Fischer is more than financially reasonable. She set a one-time consulting fee in addition to a very reasonable billing/ collections percentage fee. It was obvious to both me and my husband after our first meeting that she was the most knowledgeable, and the best deal. Furthermore, she allowed me to choose my own electronic medical record, medical supply company, accountant, etc. Other firms endorsed and required utilization of specific electronic medical records, for example, without providing financial incentive to their clients.

Without Barbara Fischer and Physician Administrative Services, I would not have been able to secure a reasonable and financially sound loan. She set monthly financial goals, detailing patient volume, appointment types, and insurance carriers. From that she extrapolated my projected monthly charges and collections, and she has been exactly right. In addition, her billing staff is available at all times to answer our billing and insurance questions. Every question we have asked has been answered quickly and fully. Her staff is a joy to work with.

Above and beyond financial goals, Mrs. Fischer helped with me with every detail, including office decor, office work flow, employee hiring and contracts, and patient forms. An issue has yet to arise to which she and her staff haven't had a prompt and professional response. She has returned frantic phone calls and emails at 8 o'clock at night and on weekends, one time in particular when what I needed was guidance with a difficult employee.

Lastly, now that I am 6 months into my new practice, Mrs. Fischer's knowledge and support is prov ing even more valuable. As I navigate the confusing world of ancillary services I feel she has nothing but my best interest in mind. This is despite the fact that ancillary services would also generate more income for her business. I have never felt an ounce of financial pressure. Furthermore, as I contemplate bringing in a second provider, I feel more concern and hesitation for my well-being, than encouragement for financial gain. Barbara Fischer and Physician Administrative Services are my billing/ collection service, as well as my practice management company, but so much more than that. Mrs. Fischer is my mentor and friend. It is without hesitation that I recommend Physician Administrative Services and the company's President and CEO, Barbara Fischer for any role that would enhance the functioning of a physician practice including billing/collections, bookkeeping/payroll and practice management consulting. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have."

Dermatologist - Dallas, TX

"I am writing on behalf of Barbara Fischer, President and CEO of Physician Administrative Services (PAS). I have known Barbara for the last 3 years, during which time she has served as the CFO for our 7-physician practice. I recommend Barbara without hesitation and with my highest recommendation, as Barbara has led our practice so effectively, that my partners often refer to her as a 'Godsend'.

During the last three years Barbara has:

  1. Turned around our practice which was unknowingly mismanaged by an offsite billing and collections company, increasing accounts receivable by 25% - 30%.
  2. Implemented a new electronic billing system using GE Centricity software, providing internal customization by PAS programmers, and recommending use of iPADs, which led to easy real-time posting of charges at the time of patient encounters, allowing for optimal collections.
  3. Provided invaluable monthly feedback to each physician about RVU's billed, accounts receivable, etc., and periodic assessment and comparison to national standards.
  4. Created strategies to help facilitate growth for our expanding practice
  5. Recruited 3 new physicians and negotiated employment packages
  6. Initiated and oversaw the implementation of our electronic health record
  7. Recommended strategies for decreasing overhead, including an imminent move to a new location with less expensive rent
  8. Oversaw planning for move, including architectural plans, design of space and negotiation of lease agreement for new office.
  9. Led strategic planning meetings for our practice, facilitating effective communication of goals and 'state of the practice' observations.

Barbara has managed our practice with an incredibly effective leadership style. She establishes rapport with physicians effortlessly, and builds consensus between physicians, which is not an easy task. She has an innate understanding of practice management, and provides counsel on many topics, from optimization of work-flow, E&M coding, HR issues, etc. My partners and I have often made reference to her 'wisdom' and 'excellent judgement'. I have heard more than once from the physicians at out practice that 'Barbara is the best thing that ever happened to our practice'.

Most importantly, I look to Barbara as a role model as a professional woman. Her leadership skills and clear vision are unmatched in my opinion. I think Barbara is not only one of the best in her field, but also one of the most effective professional women I have come across. Any practice or health care group would be lucky to have access to her skill-set. I recommend her with my highest recommendation and would be happy to provide further information at any time."

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